ASTRO A40 TR Review

ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Review
The ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Headset features superior game-to-voice balancing courtesy of the included MixAmp M80, which is mountable on your controller for instant access to robust sound control features.


Game-to-voice balancing

The highlight feature of the ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Headset is easily the game-to-voice balancing capabilities. MixAmp M80 is included with the headset and mounts directly on to your controller. Use it to fine tune game-to-voice ratio for a better sound experience. Three separate EQ presets optimize gaming and media sound. For ease of use, there’s also a mute button integrated, which streamlines your experience.

ASTRO Audio-tuned

ASTRO went all out on the A40 TR Headset by choosing to collaborate with eSports pros and audio engineers to come up with the superior sound provided by the A40 TR Headset. The entire audio system was designed by these interdisciplinary pros to ensure that all aspects of your game’s soundscape come in crystal clear, from the deepest rumbling lows, to the splattering of machinegun fire, to the soft rustling of crunching leaves, and anything, and everything, in between. This superior sound performance is explicitly balanced with the voice leveling to ensure that neither voice nor audio is compromised. The ability to customize all of this with MixAmp M80 further ups overall sound quality, by allowing you to tailor the expert tuning to your personal preferences.

Swappable mic

The ASTRO Gaming A40 TR is equipped with a swappable unidirectional microphone, which brings your voice to the forefront while minimizing background noise, allowing you to better focus on your game and your team. This also has the benefit of blocking out annoying siblings and roommates from messing with your team’s audio as well, which they will highly appreciate. Additionally, the microphone can be placed on either side of the headset as per your preferences.


Another standout feature on the ASTRO Gaming offering is the fact that it’s mod kit ready. While gaming hobbyists may not care one way or another about this feature, advanced gamers and eSports athletes will definitely want to sit up and take notice. ASTRO’s mod kits offer premium features to further tailor the headset to fit your needs, such as the Noise-Cancelling Conversion Kit, which is a favorite amongst eSports pros, who require extreme focus during their gaming sessions in order to be the best of the best.

Comfort and customization

The A40 TR Headset is made out of premium-grade lightweight materials, designed explicitly to provide comfort during even the longest marathon gaming sessions while still being super-easy to adjust for the perfect fit. They’re also made to be worn comfortably around the neck for when you’re ready to take a short (or long) break. Customizable magnetic speaker tags allow you to make sure everyone knows whose headset this is. You can buy an array of awesome speaker tags with your headset purchase, such as Rick and Morty or Halo Wars 2. For those who are super into customization, you’re not left out; you can design your own speaker tags with ease with the Speaker Tag Customizer.


The ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Headset + MixAmp M80 for Xbox One comes backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

First impression
The ASTRO A40 TR Headset comes in two colors: black/olive and white/red. I went with the black/olive, and I’m glad I did, because the pictures don’t do it justice. It looks awesome on, and I definitely think it’s the better of the two options from a looks standpoint.

As for function, I was surprised by the sound quality. It’s a lot better than I expected it to be. I’ve had an ASTRO headset before, but this one is definitely superior in the sound department, with a richer sound across the whole spectrum. The bass is deep and growly while the mids are true and strong. The highs are clear and surprisingly rich. According to ASTRO, the sound was designed by audio pros and eSports athletes, and you can really hear it in the overall result. It sounds like it was tuned by people who know what they’re doing, which is so rare in the headset world.

The sound is even better when you use MixAmp M80 to further balance the game-to-voice ratio to meet your needs. There are three EQ presets, which make it easier to get the sound you’re looking for. I didn’t think I would use this feature that much, but, as it turns out, I’m a huge fan. I use it all the time now to get the best sound for each game I’m playing.

I’m also surprised by how comfortable the A40 TR headset is. I was initially leery of the 2.3lbs weight, since I have neck problems, but honestly, I can hardly feel them on, which is likely due to the power and comfort of the headband.

  • Game-to-voice balancing with ASTRO MixAmp M80
  • MixAmp M80 can mount directly onto your controller for easy access
  • Expert audio tuning done by audio pros and eSports athletes
  • Swappable mic can be worn on left or right side
  • Unidirectional mic provides great voice sound with no background noise
  • Mod Kit-ready (i.e. Noise-Cancelling Conversion Kit)
  • Buy premade speaker tags or customize your own with customization tool
  • Premium, durable construction quality
  • Adjustable headset provides ideal fit
  • Lightweight at 2.3lbs
  • Comfortable even during long gaming sessions

  • Some have noticed crackling during voice chat. This isn’t part of the intended design (obviously) and is likely a defect; thankfully, ASTRO has excellent customer service, and the headset is backed by a 1-year warranty, so if this rare issue does occur, you can likely get a replacement pretty easily.

Final verdict sound tuning on the ASTRO A40 TR Headset is definitely a huge improvement over previous models, and you can tell that the folks behind it took a long of time to achieve that excellent sound. Sound is further optimized via MixAmp M80, where you can customize it to match your personal sound preferences or to accommodate your current game/media applications. Because of the excellent sound, in addition to premium looks and superior comfort, I’m definitely recommending the A40 TR Headset to my friends.

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